CFI Vault Remediation System (In Place Replacement)


  • Applied by contractor

    • 6’X12’X7’ vault can be completed in 2 days
  • Developed and tested in conjunction with University of Southern California Composites Center

  • Scientifically proven 80+ year life

    • Impervious to water, oils, common acids and bases
    • Stronger than concrete or steel
  • 50-year warranty against cracking or spalling

  • Fire resistant to UL94 standard – same as aircraft interiors for self-extinguishing and no-drip

  • Developed with the same science used to convert aviation from aluminum to composites

Designed for ‘real’ world applications

  • Allows for strong anchor points: pulling eyes (>10,000 lbs.) or threaded inserts (>1,000 lbs.) – applied at time of installation or later

    • Anchors and pulling eyes can be installed with no drilling during material application
  • Finished surface is drillable with standard bits

  • Finished system only 3/8” thick

  • Can be applied to degraded steel and damp concrete

  • Can be applied to energized vault under direct supervision of owner

  • System can be formed around conduit entrances during installation using scissors– no custom, off-site manufacturing

  • Custom-developed caulk tube system allows efficient application